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The Nation-Builders: Manmohan Kaur


The Nation-Builders: Manmohan Kaur

Last Updated on : 12 Oct,2020 | Source : Universal News Timeline

Teachers are children's ray of hope,

Play the act of giving needy a rope.

They are the light of the world, And make our lives pearled.

They are the one who guide us. And makes us feel happy by giving A+.

They're the source of wisdom, Makes us feel special even if we are dumb.

Teachers are our great inspiration, For every obstacle, they have solutions.

They are the one who makes us bold, But sometimes shower their love through scold.

Teachers mould our personalities,

And they are the one who embrace our abilities. They give us strength to survive,

Keep the good person in us alive.

Teachers are as honest as mirrors

That's why, known as NATION BUILDERS.

At last I pay my gratitude,

Towards them who help me have positive attitude.

Manmohan Kaur, Govt. High School Deeli

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