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'Corona Mata' temple comes up in UP village as hundreds gather to offer prayers to ward off COVID-19


'Corona Mata' temple comes up in UP village as hundreds gather to offer prayers to ward off COVID-19

Last Updated on : 12 Jun,2021 | Source : Universal News Timeline

New Delhi:

People in Shuklapur village of Pratapgarh district in Uttar Pradesh have set up a 'Corona Mata' temple and gathered in droves to offer prayers to seek safety from the deadly COVID-19 virus.

The peculiar move comes amid the second wave of coronavirus pandemic taking lives of thousands of people. 

The temple took shape after some villagers collected donations for it. They prayed to the idol of 'Corona Mata' and sought safety for people in Shuklapur and adjoining areas, according to a report in Times of India.

The villagers at the temple are also asking people to follow COVID guidelines like wearing mask and maintain social distancing. 

A white idol named 'Corona Mata' has also been placed at the temple. The idol also wears a mask.

"After the deadly coronavirus wreaked havoc and snatched thousands of lives, we decided to set up 'Corona Mata' temple under a neem tree with a belief that praying to the deity would offer relief to the people from the deadly virus," the report quoted a villager as saying. 

Villagers are now holding daily prayers at the temple and seeking blessings from the deity to provide safety to people.

"As we had 'Chechak Mata' (smallpox mother) temple, we have now set up 'Corona Mata' temple believing that corona deity will ameliorate all our difficulties. So we collected donations from villagers and build the temple," said Radhe Shyam, the temple priest.

The priest said this was not the first time that such a temple has come up in the country. "In the past too, temples were built like that of 'Chechak Mata' when deadly diseases like plagues and smallpox struck," he said. 

Meanwhile, a video of the people praying at the temple has gone viral on social media. SHO Sangipur said he had no idea about such a temple in the village.

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