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 Sanskritians brought laurels to  Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu


Sanskritians brought laurels to Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu

Last Updated on : 4 May,2018 | Source : Universal News Timeline

Our Sanskritians once again have excelled in co-scholastic area. They have proved that nothing is impossible when intentions are right and when one is industrious. Ascertaining this fact, it becomes pertinent to mention here that a team of 13 Sanskritians have participated in national debating phenomenon VOX POPULI held at JMPS on 27.04.18-28.04.18 in which number of elite schools from all over Jammu have participated. They have participated in multifarious genres like MESMERISING THE MOMENT, RISING INTELLEGENSIA (JRS), ENVIRONMENT-THE RESPONSIBILTY, OPINION SHASTRA, IDEOLOGY MATTERS, YOUTH PARLIAMENT and JOURNALISM. 
The noteworthy thing here is that our students performed extremely well in all the genres but remarkably well in MESMERISING THE MOMENT, ENVIRONMENT-THE RESPONSIBILTY and Journalism.  Not only this our class 9th students have given toilsome competition to class 12th students in Youth Parliament. We bagged the prize of most promising journalist in Journalism Juniors which was fetched by Vanshika Thakur of class 7th for writing press release for a particular genre.
The students received participation certificates and were felicitated by Principal cum Vice Chairperson of the school Ms Rohini Aima who congratulated them in the assembly in front of the school to boast their morale and ignite the same spark in others of accomplishing such goals. 

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