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 Dalai Lama stressed for world peace at first convocation of CUJ


Dalai Lama stressed for world peace at first convocation of CUJ

Last Updated on : 18 Mar,2018 | Source : Universal News Timeline

Nobel laureate his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama on Sunday said that if global leaders want peace in the world that have reach out to the emotions of the people. The 14th Dalai Lama was addressing the first convocation of the (CUJ) Central University of Jammu; he said that the immense violence by using deadly weapons is dangerous to our world.
Lama said India is only country in the world which has tolerance for other religions and is the best example of communal harmony in the world.
“21st century should become a century of peace not only through prayers only but through the actions of the people also,”Dalai Lama said that we can reach through dialogue to every individual belonging to different faiths but it possible by launching of nuclear weapons. Lama declared himself as the student of ancient Indian thought and retorted this belief that this country has a power to tackle different problems and contributing significantly to the world peace.In order develop peace in the word, we have bring first peace into our families, he said.
Spiritual leader said that modern education has totally failed in tackling the world problems, but we must give some space to ancient education which has the power of contributing to world peace.Lama said that we must have respect for all religions and all faiths and also for the people who are no believers of the god.
Noble laureate,Lama cited the example of world population that there is a 7 billion population of the worlds and out of which 1 billion are the non believers and we have to respect for their faith also.83 year old Lama said that youth have to play important role in world peace they should study not only religious education but also contribute to the society.
 Lama advised students to contribute to the communal harmony and wished the students to follow the path of their ancestors who has contributed for the well being of the society.The convocation was organised at General Zorawar Singh Auditorium at Jammu University where both faculty members and students were present.
 Earlier, Dr Jitendra Singh, Minister of State for Prime Minister Office and former Chief of Army, NC Vij (Retd.) were awarded Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) Degrees by the Vice Chancellor of Central University Jammu Professor Ashok Aima.On the occasion Dr.Jitendra said that Central University Jammu has to focus on unique contribution towards scientific education and in future it would be the centre of excellence.
Union Minister, in his key note speech accepted the degree conferred on him as a token of love and also conveyed about his special relationship with the university since its infant years. He also said that a good education institution is the one which has an exclusive stream of teaching and international standard of research output.“India has the bright future in the world and in 2030 will have the youngest working skilled force which will boost the economy of the world,” Singh said.
Earlier, General NC Vij (Retd. ) Said that India is emerging as world power and whole world is looking in the market of India.
“General also said youth should also choose defence as their profession and there is vast scope to serve the society. Our economy is day by day rising as compared to our neighbouring countries” he said.“The world is specifically looking towards India as it is growing with a fast pace. We have touched upon the two main aspects which included the belief that India is emerging and the armed forces have a great role to play in the nation building,” General said.
“Launching of digital India will also boost our economy and will excel us towards powerful country of the world,” he said.
Meanwhile, in the first ever convocation of Central University of Jammu, 14 students were awarded (Ph.D.)Doctor of philosophy degrees,20 M.Phil and 43 gold Medals  were distributed among students by the guests. However, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Jammu, Prof. Ashok Aima presented the university report from 08th of August 2011 to 15th of March 2018.
VC lauded the achievements of institutions in the arena of science and technology, education and curriculum. Prof.Aima, said that 47 research projects were started by the university and complimented the faculty, students who have been involved in the successful research projects. He also mentioned about the partnership of the university with VLCC where young women are trained to become successful entrepreneurs. Vice Chancellor emphasized the significant responsibility of the students and the faculty members to get themselves involved in the character building of students.
He also stressed on the technological advancements of the university including the automated Library, WIFI availability and smart cards.   

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