Genocide of Rohingya Muslims | Opinion
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Genocide of Rohingya Muslims | Opinion


Genocide of Rohingya Muslims | Opinion

Published on :8 Sep,2017 By :- UNT News Desk

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Srinagar:The Tatmadaw ( Burmese army) in league with the local Budhist armed gangs have out-placed and outstripped even the Nazis in their brutal assaults carried to ensure ethnic cleansing of a community different in ethnicity, religion, race and color. The gruesome pictures that continue to circulate on the social media are so horrible that it demands a stone-not a muscular human heart- in your chest to brace for an eye-contact at the unbelievable. I wish I would not have seen what I saw. I wish I would not have lived for the day to describe the indescribable. I stand wrenched of all calm, poise, peace and stability of mind. I have become the victim of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, though not physically being at the receiving end of the Buddhist terror. The thousands miles geographical barrier notwithstanding, I am being haunted by the ghoulish specter of death dance enacted, engineered and supervised by those who avoid harming even dry leaves and take pleasure in self-sufferance for the ‘service of humanity’. The pain goes many fathoms deeper when slaughter of human beings and their forcible eviction and mass rape happens in a state that takes pride in having a Noble prize winner in the government. Newer techniques in affecting brutalities have been invented that would make even Hitler’s gas chambers look somewhat respectable. Horrible scenes of slit throwing, chopping body parts, throwing people in leaping fires, chasing them to get drowned, tearing apart clothes of women and raping them, floating of dead bodies on the surface of water, tying children with ropes and then knifing them, making drowning more painful in the make-shift bamboo boats etc. All the ghastliness having the sanction of both the state and the Budhists monks.   

This is not the first time the ‘most persecuted minority group in the world’( United Nations) is desperately trying to seek shelter in the neighboring Bangladesh. In 2012 hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangla Desh that has become the most favorite destination from decades. Hundreds others have also taken refuge in in parts of India as well. In October 2016 another wave of repression followed that surpassed previous brutalities. The Human Rights Watch called the military crackdown a case of ‘ethnic cleansing’. The United Nations human rights office condemned the savagery of the army as nothing short of ‘crimes against the humanity’. But the Noble laureate and State Counsellor Aung San Su Kyi instead of responding to the call of humanity behaved as the wretched communalist and spoke in the language of military. She said ‘those attacked were Jihadists’ and the military crackdown was meant to ‘ensure state security against extremists’. Why should have then, one can ask, thirty thousand people fled their homes for safety in other county, why 1200 Rohingya inhabited buildings army burnt and committed rape at gun point? Why humanitarian aid was blocked? It is shameful that a woman who stood for human dignity has another parameters when it is a question of Muslims, in particular of women she shares the genetics and the physiology.
While influence of Islam in the Burma (now called Myanamar) traces back to  15th century AD, the Rohingya Muslims remained integrated to the ancestral roots in the western part of the Myanamar which was previously referred as Arakan and now as Rakhine. The  imperialist British occupied Burma in 1824 and   brought people from Chittakong, Bangla Desh, as farm laborers who settled there. So for the last 200 years it is these poor farm laborers, the Rohingya Muslims, who are residing in their forefathers’ lands. After British left, the Buddhists began to harass and persecute them in all possible ways for no fault of theirs save they are Muslims. In 1982—after the break up of Pakistan in 1971- the Buddhist sate passed a Citizenship law that practically institutionalized discrimination against the Rohingyas. It denied citizenship rights to them on the pretext that they were not living in Burma prior to British take over. They got classified as ‘Associate Citizens’ and denied of host of other citizenship rights. They were  barred from holding government offices, forced to live under apartheid-like restrictions on  movements, even their marriage and birth rates were curbed. The state-enforced discrimination emboldened Budhists to form armed groups that leashed terror on Rohingyas, destroying villages, mosques and forcing exodus. Cornered some Rohingya  youth  attacked three border posts causing death of nine police personnel on 9 October 2016. As the carnage of Muslims in the Rakhine continued, the Rohingyas again attacked police posts on August 25, killing ten policemen. The army retaliated in mass killing of innocent unarmed people and wiping out the Rohingyas from their ancestral land. In the past ten days, UN says, 90 thousands Rohingyas have flooded into the Bangla Desh. Many thousand stranded between borders of Myanmar and Bangla Desh.

Before PM Modi arrived on a two-day state visit to Myanmar, Delhi has already made it clear which side it was to put its weight on. In a statement on August26, it said: ‘we are seriously concerned by reports of renewed violence and attacks by terrorists in the northern Rakhine state of  Myanmar. We are deeply saddened at the loss of lives among members of the Myanmar security forces..’  Not a word in sympathy for thousannds forced to flee for life, raped, burned alive, slaughtered and killed!

In early December 2016, the  Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak carried out a rally in protest against the genocide of Rohingyas and said: ‘ The world cannot stand by and watch genocide taking place’. A month latter in January 2017, he warned, ‘ We want to tell Aung San Su Kyi, enough is enough’.

Eight months on, world is witnessing latest phase of genocide breaking all previous records of savageness and ferociousness. It stands unmoved, disinterested, indifferent. So is the lady in Yangon. For the reason that an amorphous entity called OIC-- of which Malaysia is one of the member—is too weak and too fragmented to make others listen to her. Mummified as they lie, there rose up one tiny state of Maldives to lend support to the Rohingya Muslims. It snapped trade ties with the apartheid country. Others are either on weight and watch mode or frothing in anger while ethnic cleansing goes in at rapid pace.

Tail piece—One picture of a Vietnamese girl child running with burning clothes on, after a bomb dropped in Vietnam by American B-52 plane in sixties, shook the conscience of  the  entire world, in particular that of Americans. Here, the live pictures showing ghastliness of slitting throat of a girl and demonstrating it as symbol of triumph, or a baby yapping and  tugging at the udder of her killed mother, or a naked girl clinging a tree to save honor don’t move the civilized world, the champions of human rights, the civil society!  Silence is complicity in the commission of crime.

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