Helping a Drug Addict | Opinion
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Helping a Drug Addict | Opinion


Helping a Drug Addict | Opinion

Published on :6 Sep,2017 By :- UNT News Desk

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Srinagar:We all have read about drug abuse in Kashmir, causes, numbers, and other statics, but have we released the pain of drug abusers and need for unconditional love from our side? This Eid let's pledge to help one drug abuser in our locality by purchasing medicine, or arranging some work for him

Stages of drug abuse

Early Stage: Always thinks of drugs, can reduce drug dosage or even abstain for few days. This is the stage when he reduces spending on non-drug expenses.

Middle Stage: Stage of tolerance starts[if previously he was using 4 tablets of Alprazolam he/she uses 10 tablets per day, or even can add cannabis to his drug usage. Personal hygiene is very appalling. By  now he has hidden supply of drugs, drug abuser is desperate, he can sell his brand new car for even 10 thousand rupees.

4th Stage: This is the stage when drug abuser is totally under control of multiple drugs but tries hard to give drugs, he is in agony and pain while the family or friends think he is enjoying drugs and call him by derogatory names. The line between regular use and risky use/abuse is a very thin one, but is usually defined as continued use of drugs in spite of severe social and legal consequences. What might have begun as a temporary form of escape can quickly lead to more serious problems. This is the stage where the warning signs of addiction will begin to appear: craving, preoccupation with the drug, and symptoms of depression, irritability and fatigue if the drug is not used.
Physical dependence on a drug is often intertwined with addiction. Characteristics of dependence and drug addiction include withdrawal symptoms and compulsive use of the drug despite severe negative consequences to his or her relationships, physical and mental health, personal finances, job security and criminal record.

Withdrawal Symptoms: When a drug abuser starts to give up drugs he experiences severe symptoms like severest of severe back pain, abnormal heart palpitations, drenching in sweat, loose motions.


Primary: Stopping sale of drugs[impossible] in Kashmir or death sentences.

Secondary: Reducing root cause of drug abuse, treatment and rehabilitation in centers working with qualified staff.

Tertiary: Occupational rehabilitation and forming of support groups.

So it's always recommended to take note of

•    Qualified Psychiatrists who has team of counselors or Hospitalization.

•    Role of Rich and well established industries.

•    Monetary help to organizations working on drug abuse for conducting screening camps, giving jobs to former drug abuser and at least ratio should be 1:3.

•    Imparting skills to former drug abusers so that their self esteem is enhanced and they don’t fall in trap of drug mafia.


•    Don’t lock drug abuser in a room, thinking his habit will die.

•    If drug abuser has stopped taking drugs don’t remind him/her of his past deeds.

Give him hope!

Religious preachers, teachers, social workers have important role in identification and  prevention of drug abuse.

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