The Juggler and the ‘Jamoora’ | Opinion
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The Juggler and the ‘Jamoora’ | Opinion


The Juggler and the ‘Jamoora’ | Opinion

Published on :5 Sep,2017 By :- UNT News Desk

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Srinagar:Juggler and Jamoora are famous characters of yore. In Kashmir they would entertain people on festivals, especially the gatherings at shrines. An important juggler was Moma Bazigar who had become a house-hold name in Kashmir, not only because he was a clever fellow—people even today talk of his bazigary (jugglery) as a proverb— but also his Jamoora, a boy covered under a white sheet, who would work in tandem with his master to tell the secrets of ‘some’ onlookers amidst cheers from the public.

Today, when I see the mainstream politicians talking about Article 35A and their ‘vows’ to defend it all costs, I’m reminded of Ghulam Muhammad (Moma) Bazigar who I would watch at my birthplace, Hazratbal, on different festivals.  The mainstream politicians have suddenly become too active with their jugglery to hoodwink the Kashmiris who have, more often than not, been treated as dumb driven cattle. In this effort of theirs, the print and electronic media have found some ‘masala news’ as, for the last many years, there’s nothing much to report in/about Kashmir except the encounters—fake and real—and the deaths that occur because of them, killing of both those directly involved and the civilians. It’s quite intriguing to note why these politicians have become ‘too conscious’ of the special status of Kashmir or the State-subject laws (Article 35A) when in their own time, they did everything to harm it and help New Delhi bring Kashmir in the mainstream by hollowing most of the clauses in Article 370, in particular. In this regard, the two parties, the National Conference and the Congress that have been the main culprits in not only playing with the sentiments of Kashmiris but also working against their interests have become extraordinarily vocal and ‘determined’ to save Article 35A from getting abrogated. A former MP who left his party for a ‘greener pasture’ but got dumped as a non-entity, has said that the abrogation of 35A will not be allowed, as if he and his party, Congress, has all the authority available on God’s earth to stop the SC to decide against the petitioners and in favour of the State. However, more proactive and restive than anybody else is Farooq Abdullah, a 7%-vote-winner-MP of Srinagar, acting like Moma Bazigar with his son as his Jamoora telling people the ‘secrets’ of fighting for the status-quo on Article 35A. Not only did he speak against petition but also convened an all-party meeting to form a joint platform. In their juggler and jamoora tamasha, the duo has forgotten how they sold the Autonomy Resolution of the State Assembly for the latter’s berth in the Central Government. Relegating the Resolution of the Assembly (the ‘real representative’ to Delhi) to the dustbin wasn’t only an insult to the Assembly but also the CM for it was he who took more interest in the resolution to give boost to his party. The person who couldn’t sacrifice his son’s chair, is now talking about sacrificing his life if 35A was meddled with. Trust this man!

Most of the politicians who are today speaking in their high pitches in favour of Article 35A were signatories to the Autonomy Resolution. Could we them, why they didn’t resign when their resolution was thrown into the dustbin? Why did Farooq not ask his son to his chair in the interest of Kashmir? No, he can’t hoodwink people anymore! He has forgotten when Sunanda Pushkar filed her petition against one of the clauses of 35A that deprived a Kashmir girl of her ancestral property if she married an outsider (personally, I am against this clause because it is un-Islamic), he not only supported it but also, as the CM, asked the Chief Secretary to amend the clause; that’s what he told a TV channel on the death of Sunanda. So, what’s the ‘secret’ behind playing this ‘juggler-jamoora’ theatrics? Even an ordinary Kashmiri who votes for sarak, bijli aur paani only, would understand that Farooq can’t bear to see another politician’s children on the chair which he believes his son has birthright on. He feels that his son was made only for power and not serving people otherwise. Kashmir and Kashmiris have always been of secondary important to them. Having failed in all his attempts to dethrone Mehbooba and install his son once again on the chair, Farooq has become too naïve to think that Kashmiris could forget that neither he nor his son are in any way different from Mehbooba. Her father pushed her into politics in the same manner in which the old Sheikh managed to dump his son-in-law and his close confidante, Beg, only to pave way for his dynastic rule. So, why this restlessness?  The 1930 martyrs and those who sacrificed their lives for the Sheikh for twenty-two years would be, I believe, asking again and again to themselves, ‘This wasn’t the dawn that they had dreamt of when we were living’. Can Kashmiris ever forget what this dynasty has done all through to keep themselves in power?  In 1975, Kashmiris would still believe that the Sheikh had transformed the Plebiscite Front into the NC for their ‘izzat-o-abiroo’, but when he pounced upon their already weak economy by abolishing the food subsidy and by raising the rate of the ration received from the Food Department, they began to realise that the two decades of ‘awaragardi’ (waywardness) had been fruitful only for the family. By way of ‘gratitude’ to the people for their enormous sacrifices for him, the Sheikh gave them the Public Safety Act (PSA) which he used generously against his own people and his progeny followed his footsteps. How long will this jugglery go on? I think Kashmiris have grown up now and understand that the mainstream is playing politics in the name of preserving the ‘special’ character of Kashmir.  

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