Natrang staged ‘Loktantra Ka Mantra’
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Natrang staged  ‘Loktantra Ka Mantra’


Natrang staged ‘Loktantra Ka Mantra’

Published on :25 Jul,2017 By :- UNT News Desk

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Natrang staged Balwant Thakur’s popular Hindi play ‘Loktantra Ka Mantra’ here at the Auditorium of Govt Degree College Kathua. Organised by district election office Kathua with the aim to sensitise young voters, the play witnessed a jam-packed young audience majority in the age of 18 to 21 years. District Development Commissioner Romesh Kumar IAS was the Chief Guest on the occasion whereas the event was graced by prominent functionaries of the district including Bharat Bhushan Addidional Deputy Commissioner, Jatinder Mishra Assistant Commissioner and Kosar Naz Election Naib Tehsildar Kathua. The professional presentation by the accomplished artists of Natrang kept the audience spellbound with their mesmerising performance.   An evocative theatrical venture devised to empower the common masses by educating them to use their ultimate power which can change the fate of the country. In a very effective manner, Balwant Thakur has beautifully highlighted the amazing power of which people are not fully aware and the importance of voting as it is the most effective key of the democracy.Chief Guest of the day District Development Commissioner Kathua, Ramesh Kumar while appreciating the performance, elaborated upon each and every act of the play and its importance to make public aware about the importance of votin
The play started with the aggression of the frustrated youth who is breathing in the contaminated air of corruption, scandals and dishonesty. They do not see any hope in the future as their present is being rotten by the greed of the corrupt rulers. They want to devastate everything around them in rage but when asked by a literary person that 'what are they doing for the cure of this unfortunate situation?', they are speechless as they just want the things to be changed but are not ready to be part of that change and want it without doing effort.
Then they were very elaborately told by that person that India is the country of youth and they may bring any reform if they use their energies in a channelized manner and that way is the way of voting, this is the most peaceful and effective key to bring big reforms. As the play proceeded, different mindsets of people were shown in satirical manner who have their petty reasons to not vote and also whom to vote, it is also exhibited that the cleaver politicians take the process of voting as a game not because it is ineffective but on the grounds that people are unaware of the power of their vote and seldom use it when it is required. 
Through this play a pledge is evoked by the people of all the sections of society irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region or any other demarcation, who are of 18 years and above that they would never let their power of voting go waste and would definitely vote for the right candidates as this is their right and duty as well.
Natrang actors who gave remarkable performances included Neeraj Kant, Subash Jamwal, Mohd. Yaseen, Vrinda Gujral, Satyam Mehra, Mahikshit Singh, Rishav Sharma, Shivam Singh, Vrinda Sharma, Vishal Sharma, Meenakshi Bhagat, Deepak Mulsoo, Haq Nawaz, Brijesh Avtar Sharma and Mihir Gujral. The music of the play was rendered by Piyush Anand.

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