Five lucky friends topped 10 ranks in AIIMS exam
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Five lucky friends topped 10 ranks in AIIMS exam


Five lucky friends topped 10 ranks in AIIMS exam

Published on :16 Jun,2017 By :- UNT News

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New Delhi:With dreams filled in their eyes to ace AIIMS two years ago brought these five students from different states to Kota Allen Career Institute. Little did they know these five will become best friends and help each other in moving forward together to crack the entrance. Meet Nishita Purohit who secured 1st rank at AIIMS, Harsh ranked 5th, Rishab Raj ranked 6th, Harshit Anand 7th and Abhishek Dogra ranked 9th in AIIMS MBBS-2017 exam. Nishita hails from Gujarat, Harsh and Harshit are from West Bengal whereas Rishab and Abhishek hail from Maharashtra.

Well everyone knows friends are good for health and can also help in the development of oneself. Many times children do fall in wrong company but when destiny chose friends for you there are really no regrets. These five friends will be together for the next five years at AIIMS- Delhi to continue their journey to be doctors in future.

Other than these five friends who topped in first 10 the others who secured seats with remaining ranks are Archit Gupta secured 2nd rank, Tamoghna Ghosh 3rd, Nipun Chandra 4th, Rinku Sarmah 8th, Abhishek Dogra 9th and Manish Mulchandani 10th are also from the same training institute. Whereas the other 45 among top 100 to crack IIT this year were from various other institutes from the same town. The friends thanked each other for helping and keeping their spirits high during their failures through out their training. The first ranker in her interview over call from Surat said, “The display of competence by friends or batchmates in every class acted as motivation to perform better than them.

What surprised these friends was they secured seats in the same pattern like they used to in their training exams. The three Harsh Agarwal (5th), Rishab Raj (6th) and Harshit Anand (7th) secured similar ranking in AIIMS exam.

Elated Rishab 6th ranker from Bihar, said, “Ranks don’t matter, what matters is many more fun-filled days with old buddies. Our club was not restricted to seeing who solved a puzzle first but always built our confidence when we had scored beneath our expectations in tests.”

The five friends were even more happy when their teachers told them never in the history of AIIMS did any group of five friends qualified together for the exam, Times of India reported.

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