Satire: Bhai fans stop using ‘Like’ on FB, WhatsApp, after Thumps Up drops Salman Khan as brand ambassador
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Satire: Bhai fans stop using ‘Like’ on FB, WhatsApp, after Thumps Up drops Salman Khan as brand ambassador


Satire: Bhai fans stop using ‘Like’ on FB, WhatsApp, after Thumps Up drops Salman Khan as brand ambassador

Published on :16 Jun,2017 By :- UNT News

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New Delhi:
A day after Coca-Cola India dropped Salman Khan as the brand ambassador for its soft drink ‘Thums Up’, Bhai fans worldwide have unanimously banned the usage of anything that resembles a thumbs up.

As soon as the news broke, Bhai fans were found in an ‘Aaj kuch toofaani karte hain’ mood. Several took their vehicles on to footpaths, blocking the way of pedestrians as a sign of protest. Many sent threats to Coco-Cola, warning them of dire consequences if they didn’t come to their senses and renew Bhai’s contract. Sources say that Ranveer Singh who is supposedly replacing Salman Khan as the new brand ambassador, received several threats as well.

Coca-Cola’s decision to not renew the contract with the 50-year-old actor star, is more to do with the image of Coca Cola, which is seen as a young brand, a source said.

A hardcore Bhai fan, Prem, spoke to us and here is what he had to say: “Jo kuch Bhai ke saath ho raha hai, woh bahut na-insaafi hai [Whatever is happening with Bhai, it’s unfair]. Bhai is still a virgin and so young at heart, toh image kaise kharab hoga ji? Coca-Cola is ‘Being Inhuman’ to Bhai!”

The official Salman Khan Fan Club president immediately called for an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. The meeting lasted several hours and the board urged all Bhai Fans to adhere to the four point agenda with immediate effect until further notice. 1. Immediately stop consumption of ‘Thums Up’ and all other brands of Coca-Cola:- Maaza, Minute Maid, Fanta, Limca, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Sprite Zero,  Schweppes Soda and tonic water, Kinley soda and water
2. Illiterate Bhai fans, which represents a significant section of Salman’s base, will undergo special training on Hand Signature for official purposes instead of using ‘Angootha Chaap’ [thumb print]
3. Salman Khan has more than 3 crore followers on Facebook. Bhai fans will no more hit ‘Like” button on Facebook as it resembles a ‘Thumbs up’.
4. Bhai fans will stop using Thumbs Up Emojis on WhatsApp.

Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t available for comment but sources say that he is lobbying hard with Coca-Cola management board to revoke the decision. Mark Zuckerberg is doing his best to retain Bhai fans on Facebook who have started migrating to Twitter. A Bhai fan said, “Twitter mein problem nahi hai. Waha like karne ‘Heart’ hai. Waise bhi Bhai ‘Dil mein aate hain, samajh mein nahi’ [There’s no problem with Twitter. Over there, you have the ‘heart’ button for liking.  As such, bhai comes in the heart, not in the brain]

Bhai himself had only one thing to say: “Ab toofan aayega [Now the storm will come].”

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