Opinion:Schools are schools
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Opinion:Schools are schools


Opinion:Schools are schools

Published on :11 Jun,2017 By :- UNT News

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The issue of suspending class-work in schools and colleges is becoming too slippery to have a decisive opinion on. Allowing them to function invites risk, closing them down compounds the problem. What to do? The state administration is caught on a dicey wicket. Prolonging the closure is like temporarily plugging the flow of fury. The moment you unplug, it's feared to strike with an even more force. In such a situation maturity demands to hold back the emotion and let things get back to normal. 

Protests are a part of life. We do protest against the wrongs committed on us and we must. But protests have different forms. Coming out on the roads to make yourself vulnerable can be the last and the only way we can show our resistance. But why use suicide as the first option without exhausting other life-saving options. Protests don't have to become a pathology. That way as a people we lose on two counts. First we waste our precious assets - our time and our human resource - to violence. Second, we blunt our own bite. Protest is a weapon of the weak. It's sharpened, saved, stored and used when needed.  Making slogan-shouting or stone-pelting a part of curriculum is not only self-destructive but it gives a whip to an already oppressive law and order machinery to beat us with. So both ways our good lies in saving our resources from being used against us. This viewpoint may sound a typical classroom lecture or a passion-numbing, heat-snatching sermon. It tends to pacify you more than stimulating your emotion and so it does. At the cost of sounding ordinary, let's not lose something that is too extraordinary to be lost to anger. After all provocation can't always be the solution. For the past many years we have experienced how the situation has slipped out of control resulting in a huge loss of life and property. Kashmir is a tinder box. Just a spark and the flames swallow us all. Education is our hope, institutions our wealth, students our capital. If we behave responsibly to save them all, we will not be working for an agency, we will only be contributing to our wellbeing. Persuading our students to get back to classrooms doesn't mean making them stooges of the state. We are a choice-less lot jammed between the bad and the worse. Letting it worsen will harm no one but us. No matter who takes it which way, let the truth be told. Our educational institutions are not labs where others conduct their experiments. Our schools, colleges and universities are neither the extensions of the state, nor the factories to produce the material to be consumed by the flames of violence. As people, we own them and it's our duty, our responsibility to guard them from all kinds of influences. Let's instil in our generation next the spirit to fight with a spirit to think of their own. A good thinking is not the outcome of provocation, it's the result of an inspiration these young boys and girls are in need of. 

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