Uproar Over Arnab’s Dog Toileting On Courtyard Of Mamata Banerjee
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Uproar Over Arnab’s Dog Toileting On Courtyard Of Mamata Banerjee


Uproar Over Arnab’s Dog Toileting On Courtyard Of Mamata Banerjee

Published on :8 Jun,2017 By :- UNT News

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New Delhi:
India Satire Editor Diggy  Chacha- Bhishma! What is happening you did not post your daily humor?

Bhishma Kukreti – Sorry! My cat did toilet in my toilet and I am writing my daily column on my cat toileting in my own toilet.

DC-She did toilet at right place. What is there wrong for your cat shitting in your own toilet?

BK- I am very fond of cleanliness, I can't see a dust particle in my house and I take her to public place for urinating and toileting. Today she did it before her regular time. The whole story is  on my cat dirtying my toilet.

DC-Oh Shit! For past four days, you are writing on toilet only.

BK-Yes. But each day it was different shit.

DC-Shit is shit whether it is different or same.

BK- Shits are always different.

DC- Three days back, you wrote that Rajat Sharma's cat toileted before Congress leader Ghulam Navi Azad. Shit!

BK- It was not real shit but a satire on journalism that biased journalists are now the craze in India.

DC-Shit , Shit and absolute Shit again. To days back, you wrote that dog of Rahul Shrivastava tried urinating on gate of Robert Badra. Sonia Bhabhi called me used bad words in Italian. Those words were worse than real shit.

BK-Why don't you understand that by that title I could relate Mahabharata characters as Shakuni the brother in law of Dhritrashtra and Jaidrath the brother in law of Duryodhana with Robert Badra and concluded that the King is always embarrassed by his brother in la or sister in laws

DC-Yesterday, you wrote Arnab's dog toileting on the courtyard of Mamata Banerjee and I had to hear shit from Arnab Goswami.

BK- The title was about shit but the real satire was not shit. The write up clearly concluded that in past, new news channels got established by criticizing government and ruling party but Republic news channel got instant success by criticizing opposition parties.

DC- But why can't you go beyond shit?

BK- My above write ups got more likes than my past write ups. If viewers like my subject I shall offer them what they want.

DC- Poor readers don't have choice other than liking from shits by writers or channels.

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