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‘Bad political decision’ responsible for current turmoil in J&K, says Rahul Gandhi; supports talks on Kashmir issue


‘Bad political decision’ responsible for current turmoil in J&K, says Rahul Gandhi; supports talks on Kashmir issue

Last Updated on : 8 Mar,2018 | Source : Universal News Timeline

New Delhi:
Asserting that talks are the only way to resolve the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, Congress president Rahul Gandhi today held the BJP-led government at Centre responsible for the current turmoil in the state.
In a veiled attack on the government, the Congress leader said that a lack of policy and "bad political decision" on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir have resulted in the current crisis in Jammu and Kashmir, which has seen a dramatic increase in terror-related incidents and ceasefire violations by Pakistan in the last couple of years.
"Our Kashmir policy under Dr. Manmohan Singh was about building bridges with people. When UPA came to power in 2004, we were handed a J&K that was burning. We made a plan and worked on it for nine years. In 2014, when I went to J&K, I felt like crying. I saw what a bad political decision can do to years and years of policy-making," he said.
The Congress president who is on a three-day visit to Singapore and Malaysia from March 8 to 10 also reflected on India-China ties and asserted on the need to have a "peaceful and co-operative relations" with its eastern neighbour.
"India has to have a peaceful and co-operative relationship with China," Rahul said.
The Congress president stated that he is working for ushering in a "new Congress" since he took over the reins of the party from his mother Sonia in December last year.
"We see society as a system that has to be kept in balance. The BJP on the other hand is less concerned about peace and tranquillity. We see very serious dangers of polarising society and risks arising from them," he said.
During his address, Rahul targeted the BJP government of promoting an atmosphere of "intimidation" in India where there is politics of dividing people and using their anger to win elections.
"There is a particular type of politics that's not only happening in India but in a number of places - of dividing people, of using (their) anger to win elections and that's what is happening in India," he said.
"If you ask me what am I proud about my country...It is the idea of plurality. It's the idea that people in India can say anything they want, do anything they want and they won't face any problem and that is being challenged...," he said.
Responding to a question from the audience, Gandhi accused the BJP and the RSS of indulging in anti-minorities politics.
"Mahatma Gandhi died protecting minorities. We, the Congress party, have been protecting minority people for the last 70 years. We don't like India where people are persecuted, where people are being beaten up for what they eat, what they say and what they wear," he said.
"Prime Minister Narendra Modi controls the law making, he controls the UP police, he controls the Haryana police, and he controls these things. An extremely nasty form of politics is playing out in India," Gandhi said.
He asserted that "we will fight him and we will beat him" in the election.

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