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 50% Indians do not know the difference between Independence day and Republic day | Satire


50% Indians do not know the difference between Independence day and Republic day | Satire

Last Updated on : 28 Jan,2018 | Source : UNT News Desk

New Delhi:Most of the seasonal patriots, who add status on Social media as a ‘Proud Indian’ and roam around on 15th Aug and on 26th Jan, with a flag pinned on the shirt, do not know the difference between Republic day and Independence day, reveals a shocking survey results.
“Independence was when British left India and Republic was when India had her own government” was the popular answer from the 50% who got the difference incorrectly, it is learnt by the survey. When asked about whether there was no government prior to becoming a Republic, most of the participants refused to comment further, it is observed by the survey team.

“Independence is what I feel with  TV remote in hand and my wife and children are at the school function. Republic is the feeling I get when rarely my suggestions are approved by my wife and children, regarding the choice of restaurant or a holiday spot. Normally, it is a dictatorship rule at our home” a man answered with humour in the survey. Similar to this, there were thousands of funny and weird answers, it is further observed by the survey.

“We have even given clues on the keywords like government, act, constitution etc., Amazingly, people say that independence was obtained from British and refuse to accept that they do not know anything beyond that. Most of them laughed out loud at the silly question to suggest both are the same and one is celebrated by the President of India and another one by the Prime minister” it is mentioned in the conclusions from the survey.

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